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Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, much like beauty. It depends more on perspective and quality than it will on price. A simple definition of style is grace of movement, polished expression and refinement of beauty. If you?re determining which wedding dress style is appropriate for you, have a look at some of the most memorable legendary wedding shopping for dresses of all time and energy to get some inspiration.

King Victoria?s Wedding Gown

King Victoria began the trend of white wedding dresses. Prior to this time, designer wedding dresses were every color and supposed to be used as the woman&#039s best dress instead of only once on her wedding day.

Nonetheless in some cultures, white is neglected for other traditional colors. Red is the color of choice for Chinese brides. Indian brides choose colorful and richly embroidered saris. And Japanese women may wear a wedding kimono and usually turn into a western style white bridal dress for the party.

So what did Queen Victoria&#039s wedding gown look like? It was white silk highlighted by nosegays of orange blossoms at the bosom and scattered concerning the full skirt. Her lace veil was designed exclusively for the wedding. The structure was later destroyed so that it couldn&#039t be used again. Almost 200 people labored for six months to make the lace veil and lace for the trim of her dress. The neckline left her shoulders bare. Sleeves were full, beginning her shoulders and closing above the arms.

Queen Elizabeth II?s Bridal Dress

This beautiful queen?s dress was richly embroidered ivory silk with a satin train. The ball gown had a scoop neck, whole skirt and long sleeves. It had been embroidered with 10,000 seed pearls. The 15-foot train was made of fine lace embroidered in the dress as the same structure, including plants, the white flower of York and rice heads, a symbol of fertility. The king wore a veil manufactured from white tulle attached with a diamond tiara. Around her throat a double pearl necklace was worn by her.

It is stated that Queen Elizabeth II had two wedding gowns. The first was used when she married Prince Phillip and the second at her coronation when she wed the people of the Uk. That dress was created by Norman Hartnell who also created her bridal dress. While the initial design needed white silk and little embroidery, the ultimate design kept white satin but was heavily and richly embroidered with crops or flowers to represent each of the businesses that produce up the earth. The embroidery was in bright shades and accented by gold and silver threads with diamonds, amethysts and colored crystals.

Grace Kelly?s Wedding Gown

She was a true mythic princess whose gown has been an amazing motivation for brides since her wedding day in 1956. The outfit was white silk with a large neckline and long sleeves. The bodice and sleeves were vintage Valenciennes rose point lace. Twenty-five yards of silk taffeta and ninety-eight yards of tulle were used. Her headpiece match near her mind with a finger size veil in front and longer veil in back. Her bridal dress and veil were designed by Helen of MGM companies and directed at her as a wedding gift from the companies. She maintained a small bouquet of lilies of the valley over a white Bible.

Queen Diana?s Wedding Gown

Queen Diana had one of the most stunning and talked about designer wedding dresses ever created. Really, there is several dress designed and made to hold the press guessing as to what she would wear on her big day. Quickly, brides all over the world wanted the complete sleeved, full skirted over the top type of outfit for their weddings.

Celine Dion?s Wedding Gown

That well-known Canadian singer?s bridal dress was a stunning extravagance of white satin embroidered with crystals and pearls. The ball gown had a full skirt, sweetheart neckline and long sleeves and a 20-foot train. Her crowning glory was practically a crown comprising 2000 Austrian deposits which weighed eight pounds. Attached with the scarf was a Cathedral length veil. Before and after the wedding she wore a white fur coat to keep her warm.

Melania Trump?s Wedding Dress

When you&#039re marrying a Trump the sky&#039s the control. Melania Trump&#039s wedding dress is rumored to cost almost $100,000. Created by Dior, the dress weighed near to 50 kilos and had a 13-foot train, accompanied by a 16-foot veil. The veil was beautifully arranged in a swirl design to match the swirls in her dress. The dress was in the mermaid type, fitted through the sides and flaring out starting about mid-thigh. While the bride had fixtures for the dress, she'd never walked in the outfit until her wedding day and stumbled a bit when she first started down the aisle. Naturally, that dress was not meant for dancing. Melania became an easier and much lighter dress for the wedding dinner.

Wedding gowns have changed a lot because the Victorian ages, but there?s still so much creativity we can obtain from yesterday?s style icons. By joining your individual style and character with some components of these unique wedding dresses, you?re sure to have en elegant bridal dress that you and your guests will recall forever.
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