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          <rev user="Chris" timestamp="2015-07-18T22:26:20Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">=Welcome to the Institute of Nomadology=
[ Static InNo Page (german only)] &lt;br&gt; 

==No Action without Reflection - No Reflection without Action==

[[Image:show image.jpg]]&lt;br&gt;
we are a swarm of people, trying hard to stay in contact, learn, communicate and have fun. At this institute we want think and  create, organise events and do some workshops
and of course:  
==present our current research projects== 

[[TemporaryPermanence|An art/research project investigating Tourism and Migration]]

==events to come==

[[SummerCamp|Transient Spaces Summer Camp, Lithuania 2009]] 


===Past Research Projects===

[[SelfishTravel|Ethics and Aesthetics of Travel]] | [[DrifterActivism|The Protester as a tourist]] | [[EvaluateNairobi|Evaluation of IMC in Nairobi WSF 2007]] | [ Eine deutschsprachige Arbeitsgruppe zu Bewegungsforschung]

===Events 2008===


===Events 2007===

[[wsfNairobi|Worldsocialforum in Nairobi, Kenia 2007]] | [[G8Heiligendamm | The G8 in Heiligendamm, Germany 2007]] [[AirportCamping|UK Airport Camping for human rights and against climate change]] in Summer 2007 | 
[ German Social Forum] takes place in October 2007

===events 2006===
[[wsfMali|Worldsocialforum in Bamako, Mali]] (with film) | [[esfAthens|4th European Social Forum in Athens May 4th to May 7th]] (with pics)

===events 2005===
[[MagicalMystery|Magical_Mystery_Tour The magical mystery tour in Sheffield]] (with film) | [[Thinktank|What is nomadology Think Tank]] | [ Matilda Social Centre in Sheffield]
===events 2004===
[[NomadiCamp|Nomadic Camp]] | [[RawWar|The raw war]] | [[FreakFrachter2004| The Freakfrachter]] | [[CampTipsy|Camp Tipsy]] | [[BerlinWall|Rebuilding the Berlin Wall]] | [[AutonomousSpaces|Autonomous Spaces @ London ESF]] | [[IllegalTourists|Illegal Tourists Hunt]] @   [[LabofII|The Laboratory Of Insurrectionary Imagination]] | [[Conference2004|InNo Conference on Walls and Projections]] | [[ReiseFreiheit|Talks on freedom of movement]]

===events 2003===
[[BoundariesToBridges|The boundaries to bridges tour]] | [[FreakFrachter2003|The freakfrachter 2003]] @ [ Fusion Festival] |[[InNo Foundation| Conference InNo 2003]] | [[ParanoidTimes| Paranoid Times Poster Campaign]]

== more action and reflection tools==

[[ListofProjects| a list of projects and tools for action and reflection]]

==full contact==
[mailto:info[at] contact team] | [mailto:news-subscribe[at] subscribe mailinglist]</rev>