3 What to Keep Your Email Out from the Junk Mail Pack

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We have been talking about finding more return on your advertising budget with a series of messages or more than one kind of press the last few days. Now let's speak about just how to format your direct mail. There are two basic categories...plainly put, those that can be found in envelopes and those that do not.Those that do not come in envelopes are an average of named self-mailers and they include postcards, tabbed tri-folded flyers and catalogues. Self-mailers are generally cheaper but additionally prone to be thrown out as Microsoft UpdatesJunk Mail.So just how do we utilize this much cheaper form of mailing while avoiding the danger of having 90% of it thrown out as junk mail, by the individual, without a glance at it?You need certainly to make your direct mail offer jump out of the junk mail pile and in to the awareness pile. You've to stop them from throwing it in the waste without first taking a look at it. How can you do that?There are a few ways to make cheap mail jump out at your prospects:1. Handwritten note--No one can discard a handwritten note without learning what it is about. They just can not! But bear in mind, do not use some fake looking font but either a genuine handwritten notice or use a technology that's very authentic looking (beware...there are starting to be considered a lot of fake looking, handwritten fonts on the market now. )2. An extraordinarily interesting or lovely image on the front--People merely love pictures!3. An unusual size or shape--Using an above size card or a cut into an unusual appearance will make it feel and appear distinctive from the other junk mail so it doesn't get lost.You may still get a fantastic return on investment with the less expensive postcard variety mailings if you do them right.Doing them appropriate ensures that you write a fantastic subject, you know just what your objective is with the mailing and you keep it out of the junk pile.Next week I'll spend a little more time discussing what you should really put in the copy to get your prospect to act.