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Airport Camping UK

The police will love it: British activists annouce the attempt to temporarily shut down two mayor airports this summer

The airports Heathrow and Gatwick of London will be the place of two activists camps. From 14th to 21st of August, the climate camp invites people to protest and directly act against the largest European airport. The location was chosen because it provides a powerful symbol to denounce the lipservice of British political decision makers about tackling climate change. Despite its rapidly growing share in CO2 emissions, aviation is still sponsered by extempt from fuel tax and in the case of Heathrow, by governement sponosered plans to expand the airport capacity. A roaring local protest of affected people living the Heathrow aera will hopefully allow the climate camp to forge a strong coalition of devoted activists and local campaigners.

Just four weeks later another London Airport will be targeted by a camp of activists. Their concern with certain flights has less to do with the environmental impact but with issues of human rights. The first UK noborder camp will mobilize against the institutions of the UK border regime, the deportation maschinery, detention centres (a new one being build at Gatwick at the moment) and discrimmination against people with the wrong passports. The camp takes place from 19th to 24th of September.

The Institute of Nomodology strongly recommends both events as outstaning examples of activist mobilities. Don't miss them and get involved!