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South East England is home to quite a few counties and places of great beauty, Hampshire is the biggest of these counties and perhaps home to the most spectacular scenery. As well as its size, it also features one of the longest and more interesting histories of the region as well. The New Forest, which is largely contained within the boundaries of Hampshire, was named in 1079 by William I. It was the year in which he designated the area for the Royal hunt. Its heritage extends back even before then though. The two sea ports of Southampton and Portsmouth have played a great part in both terms of trade and war over the years. These days Portsmouth is still a major hub for the British navy.

Wildlife and Nature

Hampshire is renowned in the south of The UK for its nature and beauty (and so it should be). The National Park of The New Forest covers an area of 566km² and is made up of large areas of broad-leaved woodland, heathland and wet heathland, grassland and tree plantations. As the largest remaining area of lowland habitat in the United Kingdom, when you visit you will discover a lot of wildlife and plants that you will not find in such abundance anywhere else around the country. Certain things, such as the New Forest cicada, are only found in the area.


Hampshire is a county that has a great appreciation of the outdoors and provides a great base for sports lovers have fun with a range of sports. Fans of water sports can try surfing or yachting out in the open ocean or kayaking down one of its many streams and rivers. If you don't want to break sweat yourself and would rather watch other people be active you can enjoy watching a game of cricket or football match. If you're the active type then there is a lot to do here, including activity weekends for couples.

What to Do

Many places claim it, but Hampshire really provides it. It gives you something for everybody. You will discover nearly as many people around for team building in Hampshire or perhaps the New Forest as you will here to relax. Many people come and do not venture anywhere indoors while others come and spend the entire time in hotels, bars and restaurants. Make the holiday what you want.