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HELPING CHILDRENIt needed Molly 2 yrs to produce her dream possible, but in that very small amount of time, her trigger has been joined by her vision is shared by a group of supportive people who. "I knew that I could do this if I focused on my skills and observed individuals with abilities in areas that I don't have," Molly describes. "If I could partner with the individuals, then we had the chance to take action incredible and make it work. My problem was: could I find those people?" The solution was certainly 'sure' - but what amazed Molly even more is that she keeps discovering incredible people who wish to support what she is doing, like the Global Angels Team that are helping her know her vision.Molly and her husband John had been involved with international charity benefit more than 25 years. Also having set up her own business and life-coaching organization for business and music industry people, she was in a position to get in touch charity and music to produce a active opportunity to take action worldwide to help weak children. "When I noticed the number of kids on our planet that were enduring - and the figures hold increasing significantly because of HIV/AIDS - I wanted to do something that would considerably help them. I wanted to accomplish it in a way that the public could easily interact with, to simply help kiddies in a way that would be fun."THE 100% PROMISEAt the same time frame, in a increasingly cynical world, Molly wanted to make sure people who contribute to her cause that their income goes directly where children need it most. "I developed the idea of the Global Angels hundreds of Promise," she describes. "Every pound or dollar we acquire in contribution from the public goes straight to a project on the floor, supporting kids."Global Angels administration costs are covered by corporate sponsors, including their central London office. "They are Corporate Angels," she says of the businesses. "We have the most amazing Corporate Angels that help people with in-kind donations, sponsorships, experience, consultant, locations and money donations. Their assistance not merely helps us create the function of Global Angels around the world, but it also helps us keep our promise that all donations from the public go right to children's projects."By partnering with excellent projects that already are working successfully with children in countries around the world, Global Angels has a huge resource base of projects to promote to those wanting to give money where it's the most influence to empower and transform children's lives. "Charities can't approach us directly for support," she explains. "What we've can be an International Advisory Board that is comprised of highly- qualified experts from the firms and charity and humanitarian world. They carefully study and vet most useful training projects from all over the world and recommend those that we have to support."CLOSE SCRUTINYWhat would be the standards? "We like to help organizations that are self-sustaining, that have a successful track record of long-term reliability, and they should be financially accountable," says Molly."It can be extremely important that they really understand the wants of children. By working with long-term techniques for building and empowering the children and youth in their care, the children themselves have the potential to become agents of change in the nation in which they live - and it will help break the cycle of poverty in a nation. We keep consitently the organisations under close examination to ensure that they're really doing what they say they're doing."STAR ANGELSMolly's kids, Natasha and Daniel, are large stars on the global music world. Natasha has had a number one single in America, a one UK debut album, and has shifted over 6.5 million units worldwide. Polydor artist Daniel and island Def Jam had four number one gets internationally, including Gotta Get Through This and If you should be Not the One, which he also wrote. Molly has used her connections with the music and sports sectors to raise the account of Global Angels, organizing some very interesting public music activities to raise funds kids' projects."I got very excited about working with the music industry and the sports industry," Molly states. If you want to change the course of history, if you want to make a dramatic change in culture that lasts over years, then you have to complete it in a large way."I thought that as a family group, we have the opportunity to influence individuals to embrace values such as kindness, charity towards the world's poor, and getting consideration in to action: values that will change and empower the lives of all vulnerable kiddies on the earth. The trick would be to locate a solution to make those values so appealing that young adults would accept them as their particular and stay them. I really believe that we have to work alongside their role models, with the people that they follow. In music and sports you can find tremendous possibilities to get the stars that teenagers appreciate to become Angels, and in that way display the values develop they'll adopt."Pop idols Natasha and Daniel, with the support of these record labels, offer tremendous service to Global Angels by talking up, creating public appearances for the cause and likely to where the help is necessary. Spirit and funk guitarist Nat James, and Laura Michelle Kelly, among the stars of Lord of the Rings, have also become Ambassadors."Our Global Angels Ambassadors are extremely active," says Molly. Natasha has lately been to Mumbai, where she has been working with street children projects and saving children from the gender industry; Daniel to Mozambique; and Laura to Cambodia.Business Ambassador Hamish Dodds, CEO of Hard Rock International, has become considerably involved, helping Global Angels launch in the US and personally helping with the function the Angels are doing. "Hamish visited Mumbai being an Ambassador," Molly applies, "and he got therefore worked up about rescuing children from the streets and the sex industry that he'd a video made that's likely to play in every Hard Rock bistro across the world."On November 6th, 2007, Global Angels can hold a photograph shoot in Times Square beyond your Hard Rock Cafe with Natasha, Daniel, Emmy Award-winning musician Darryl McDaniels from Run DMC, Bear Grylls from Man versus Wild, along with super style, Petra Nemkova and other a-listers. The function will be expected 'live' on the monitors in Times Square, and in the evening Natasha will headline a concert at Hard Rock Cafe to launch US Global Angels."Hamish is really an outstanding ambassador," Molly says. "He has actually embraced the center for children." Other wonderful Worldwide Angels, she remains, include Sir Kevin Smith from GKN, "who just visited certainly one of our jobs in Kenya working together with neighborhood kiddies. His company has contributed $500,000 for people to provide to four projects in Africa." Street children were brought 200 by charles Mully, a Kenyan businessman, who was previously a street kid himself, directly into his home 17 years ago. Charles and his wife have implemented 1,800 neighborhood kids to their family. They've a farm where they teach the youngsters organic gardening, and they present Europe with organic French beans, therefore the farm is self-sustaining."Bear Grylls," Molly discussions of another enthusiastic World wide Angel, "who is a famous TV speaker for Discovery Channel, flew over Mt Everest in a hang glider. It absolutely was the first time anybody did that, and he lifted a thousand pounds, with $500,000 likely to World wide Angels for tasks in Africa."LITTLE ANGELSIt is not only adults who may become concerned, as Molly explains: "Little Angels are for children five to 14 who are motivated to accomplish account raisers, such as baking cakes and selling them, and coming up with own creative ideas for raising money. It's important for them to learn that 100 what does annuity mean of what they raise goes to another child. Right from first, the kids get quite worked up about what they are doing. Small Angels is similar to a team they could be involved in. They have their very own web site where they can post a video clip in what they did."There are many ways people can get involved with Global Angels. "Our overall goal would be to make the world a gentler and safer place for children, and we have used all what causes children," describes Molly. "We concentrate on street children and victims of child slavery and trafficking. We support the handicapped and we provide fresh, clean water for children and their communities.FEEDING CHILDREN"One of our goals is to feed and educate a thousand of the world's neediest children in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Mom Theresa said that if you can not feed most of the children, then feed one child. I do believe that if child is all fed one by us, that might make a huge difference. It takes only 11 pence a day, or 40 a year to feed and educate a child through our school feeding programmes.Everyone can do that."Molly does not have any scarcity of a few ideas of how people can become involved: "Encourage people to share making use of their own network," she indicates, "Have Angel parties or fund-raising activities. Motivate firms to give some of their gains or to give a specific object they make or trade to Global Angels."A LIFE LONG COMMITMENTHelping people is definitely an integral part of Molly's existence, and she shares how she became involved. "When I was 17, I was bulimic and anorexic. I'd considerable issues but I had some wonderful individuals who helped me through it. When I overcame it, I made a decision that I would be concerned in charity work and help the others for the rest of my life."Molly has held to her word: "To understand that you are actually supporting children is something that is very effective and does something wonderful for you. I invite you feel an and help us help the kids on our planet that need it most."INFO BOXHard Rock, Jana Water, Silver Jet and Royalton, Manhattan are inviting the International Children's Charity, Global Angels, to the US by hosting a show and after party within their New York venues, on November 6, 2007. That launch will function artist hearings from Natasha Bedingfield and guests, with variety Bear Grylls and unique guests Denise Rich, Petra Nemkova, Darryl Mc Daniels and Daniel Bedingfield.Throughout the day, the Step-up America campaign will gather momentum by offering the Global Angels star photography capture, which will be visually sent onto the Nasdaq, Reuters and MTV monitors from the traditional Marquee outside the Paramount Theatre, Hard Rock in Times Square.The launch culminates in a show and fundraiser published by the Hard Rock Cafe, followed by an after-party at the recently restored Royalton, Manhattan. Difficult Rock may release its global alliance with Global Angels in the Step Up Feed A Child campaign.You are asked to Step Up and become an Angel and make the entire world a safer and safer place for all children. Visit and become an Angel.Connecting with a fresh era of providers - a number of the biggest names in the music, fashion, enjoyment and sports sectors - will encourage a strong and effective international a reaction to needs of the world's most susceptible children.Become an Angel - a person who sets their sympathy into action.