Asus 1215T Review

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The Asus 1215T is just one more laptop with 12.1 inch display but functions 1.7GHz Neo brand and ATi HD 4250 graphics card [ 2]. In these tests, the GPU is fully with the capacity of rendering 1080p HD movie playback.It has a black guitar finish round the 12-inch bezel that draws a of fingerprints, but since this really is not a touchscreen device, you would not be pressing these areas a lot. I liked its two tone black-on-silver finish but was disappointed to see average built quality. Just don't assume Apple-like developed quality here. Its screen bezel also offers a 1.3 huge pixel cam with a slider cover to guard it from dust.Coming to its keyboard, significant recommendations like enter key are smaller in dimensions in comparison to Asus Eee PC 1201T - its predecessor. I had no dilemmas which consists of touchpad, but the single bar below the touchpad requires a company media in order to register a click.'Performance wise, it is superior to all of the single core Atom notebooks on the market with GMA 3150 design. It posseses an AMD Neo II K125 processor and ATi Radeon HD 4250 HD design which are certainly much better than the Atom and GMA 3150 combination. It also comes with 320GB HDD, 2GB RAM, VGA port and 3 USB ports along with an HDMI port. My netbook got preloaded with ExpressGate - a quick trunk Linux OS. Fortuitously, Asus has built Windows 7 drivers available on their site. I mounted the basic edition of Windows 7 and did not experience any problems.Now, listed here is a drawback of getting a lot of power in a laptop - poor battery life. It supplied 3.5 hours in my own YouTube video examination and in normal web surfying it gave me around 4.5 hours. This is ok for me, but may possibly not be enough for the netbook-ers which are used to 10 plus hours of runtime. Asus Eee PC 1215T is priced at 400 dollars, which will be around 50-60 money costly compared to the Atom operated 10-inch laptops. Even though its built quality isn't exceptional, it really has more strength compared to the 10-inchers.