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If you're into cars and music, chances are you have at one time tinkered-or at least thought of-improving your automobile's factory audio system. And in the world of aftermarket auto audio devices, a kicker subwoofers is definitely an essential.This article is a simple compilation of some of today's greatest subwoofer models. The record is short and easy, and simply aspires to refresh one's car audio dictionary-better suited for newbies or those attempting to make a comeback.JL AudioJL Audio remains a high person in car audio and electronics. Their subwoofers are typically connected with sound-quality setups. They've experienced business since 1975 and became distinguished in the world in the 1990s, generally for winning awards and car audio tournaments. The "W" connotation is still used by their subwoofers, and their W7 is probably the top choices in games. JL Audio also offers a complete line of subwoofer amplifiers.JBLJBL is really a world famous model. They have more than 50 years of experience is famous not just in music generally speaking, however in all sorts of electronics as well. Their vehicle audio point has been pretty successful over the last decade and they continue to simply take the marketplace seriously. Their subwoofers are flexible enough to be used in SQ (sound quality) adds in addition to SPL (sound pressure levels) applications.KickerKicker used to be associated with booming bass. Personally, I think Kicker has lost a few of its feel by prioritizing flair over efficiency. Nevertheless, being this type of stalwart in the car audio world, their company warrants a mention in whatsoever best-of car audio products and services list there is.Digital Designs (DD )In the world of SPL, road bass, dB move, and just real unadulterated bass, DD is king. Lookup SPL world records and you'll certainly experience the brand Digital Designs. They could lack marketing and style, but genuine performance sells itself. If you're into bass adds, you might want to take a look at the DD brand.Image DynamicsI remember studying competition-install characteristics in car audio magazines and sounding the company multiple times. Impression Dynamics has received a good reputation in regards to good-sounding vehicle subwoofers. They still are well-respected to this day.VelodyneVelodyne could well function as the ultimate goal of sound quality subwoofers. Their company is also revered in the audiophile (home music) world, which quickly doubles up their things the bass world. Their subwoofers, but, do not come inexpensive. But when money is not any thing, be sure to take a look only at that model.