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Important Information for all tourists of London

Welcome Tourists, We are happy to host you in our amazing city and hope you are spending a pleasant time here. We kindly request your attention concerning a new legislation on tourists. This new law, implemented by the authorities of London from the beginning of Oct. 2004, says that all foreigners who can not truly identify themselves as tourists will be deported to north african camps in order to do social work with rejected african asylum seekers.

As identification, authorites will request from all tourists proof of the consumption of cultural commodities during their stay in London. The law defines tourists as people who are consuming more than 200 Pounds per day during their temporary stay in London.

Attention: If people are not able to prove their consumption, there will be no second chance to claim the tourist status. Since Oct. 14th, the Metropolitan Police Authority has installed checkpoints at various locations throughout the city. Tourists and people wearing strange clothing will be requested to verify their status. This legislation seeks only to serve your own safety. We kindly request that you cooperate with the authorities and always carry your purchased commodities with you. Background Information: There is an increasing number of illegal tourists all over the world, people who are claiming a tourist status without participating in tourist activities such as consuming the culture and nature of the visited areas. The city of London as one of the most visited places in the world needs to defend her interests against the threat of illegal tourism. Tolerance towards false tourists could lead to a situation where-by the privilege of freedom of movement becomes a right enjoyed by everyone. This dangerous development is effectivly addressed by our new legislation. We kindly apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a pleasent stay in London.

Surveillance camera

video (10.8GB) from a checkpoint at millenium bridge

Background Info

No Border Network No Detention Centre Network

European immigration policy - A New Guantanomo?

The European Union is planning prison camps for refugees/deported immigrants in North Africa

What do you think of a government that is unable to provide hospitality to a few thousand people but instead deports them handcuffed to a country where they never wanted to go?

What do you think of partners of this governement which remain silent, agree or even join up to these plans?

What do you think of a European Union which elects such a practice as the backing chorus of its constitution?

Jack Straw and Otto Schily, the British and German Home Secretaries, joining hands with their Italian counterpart Mr. Pisanu to install Regional Protection Areas, better understood as externalised camps, in Lybia.

This European initiative is supposed to control immigration into the European Union therefore limiting a global commons. The freedom of movement is for a small amount of fortunate human beings carrying the right passports to travel freely.

French Philosopher Etienne Balibar has spoken out against this european policy, calling it a system of apartheid.

Freedom of Movement shall not be restricted.