Loan claims Many Brits owe energy suppliers money

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While many Brits are in debt due to loan charges, nearly four million UK households - of 14 per cent of the overall populace - owe their energy supplier money.

This is according to a study from, which found the amount of cash collectively required has hit an estimated £478 million.

On average, members of the public owe £131, which is four per cent higher than levels at the same time last year and 15 per cent above those seen in 2008.

However, the firm claimed 24 per cent of these debtors could be ignoring the problem and hoping the amount owed will drop naturally in the future bank charge.

A total of 41 per cent will increase their direct debit to clear this debt - potentially incurring credit card charges - while 21 per cent will use one lump sum to get rid of it.

"Domestic bills have gone through the roof," executive director of Which? Richard Lloyd recently said.