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Magical Mystery Tour

15th October - 1pm Cathedral Square - Sheffield

On Saturday, October 15th, Sheffield no-borders collective invites you to assemble at 1pm on Cathedral Square, City Centre, for an extraordinary event....

Videoclip from Tour Pics from Tour More Pics

The magical mystery tour <br> a tourist jaunt through the city centre of Sheffield, taking in various places and buildings where magical mystery policies of exclusion are implemented through state agents or private cooperations.

Participating tourists are introduced to background information about the visited sites of exclusion and internal borders which are usually kept invisible to the eye of the unprepared visitor of the city. We hope to create deep insights among participants about the "magical mystery tours" around internal borders and zones of exclusion that asylum seekers, migrants and other foreigners are going through when they do what is most natural and easy for people with "good" passports, tourists, managers, the global upper class: crossing state borders....

Groups of tourists will be guided by our lovely tour-guides who are not only keen on pointing out the hidden secrets of exclusion to you, but are happy to engage with you in lively discourse about all the mysteries we will reveal to you.

A birthday/funeral party for immigration laws At the end of their tours all the groups will get back together at the city's central Peace Gardens for a tremendous finish: A birthday/funeral party for 100 years of immigration laws in the UK in 2005. Believe it or not, just 100 years ago, immigration laws were not considered natural, nor normal or even necessary. In light of their 100th anniversary we will celebrate their symbolic event you should not miss.

Always hoping to entertain you... Sheffield No Borders

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