Numerology of a Gender Symbol: Marilyn Monroe

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[This report is neither intended to commend or defame Marilyn Monroe. Its goal is merely to show the relationship between some areas of her life and her numbers in furthering the comprehension of numerology as a science.]In an environment of fame, some people become famous, some rise to super-stardom, others transcend their star to become symbols. However, it is a few who become institutions. Marilyn Monroe is a institution.Born Norma Jeane Mortenson on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles, California, Marilyn's early life was wrought with the adult problems of an emotionally unstable mother and absentee dad, leading her to cultivate up in a group of foster homes.Monroe was among the most famous stars of the silver screen, exuding a mixture of susceptibility, innocence, glamour and blonde-bombshell sensuality that hypnotized and captivated the world; a life, sadly, that turned awful in the end. Marilyn died on 5 August 1962 at age of thirty-six under a of intrigue and mystery, the exact same kind of intrigue and mystery associated with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.Arguably, the character many related to Marilyn Monroe as an celebrity was that of a sex symbol. She was the heartthrob of men around the world. Married 3 times, she's generally alleged to have also had affairs with other men, among whom were President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert (Wikipedia ).What figures shown Monroe's sex symbol persona? What amount in Marilyn's graph hinted at a sad life? What range routine reveals her early life's father-abandonment issues? What IR (Influence/Reality) set suggested the issues related to her mother? The Sexual Persona Numbers of Marilyn MonroeThere are three main amounts reflecting Marilyn Monroe's magnetic intimate persona:Master amount 33-6 Grasp number 66-3 Number 5 The Master Number 33One of the wonderful elements of Monroe's information is the volume of central stacking of the master number 33. Her Material Soul contains a tristack of this powerfully expressive sexual energy, an energy which could also lead to serious habits because of its pleasure-seeking quality. Having one set of 33 power is powerful, but three is incredibly rare. This internal tristack of 33 energy may be written as 33-33-33 which, when mixed, produces a, the master amount of general power and rulership. It is acutely rare to really have a tristack of any master number in a Fundamental Matrix aspect. To own the sexual power, pleasure and image-saturated master number 33 replicated 3 x in the Material Soul situation is almost beyond understanding, and because the Material Soul policies one's worldly requirements, wants and wishes, it resembled Monroe's motives, the core of which was to be always a sex symbol.The Master Number 66Adding to the double 33-6 tristack is the 66-3 Master number in Monroe's Material Nature. This is also an incredibly sex-charged master number. It's never as frequent as the 33 but it is nonetheless powerful.The Number 5The next number creating Monroe's intimate identity is the number 5. The five senses are ruled by it, stimulation, variety, variety, experience, independence and pursuit. Together, the single numbers 5 and 6 would be the strongest intimate mixture. Monroe's Nature was a 5. She loved experience and variety. Therefore, her many lovers. One person was not enough on her behalf. Ostensibly, Marilyn Monroe could be called sex incarnate incarnate ostensibly, Marilyn Monroe might be described. Her inmost dreams, personality and life revealed her enchantress image.A Problematic LifepathThe number 7 is the number of spiritual assessment and provides the maximum amount of possible turmoil, misery, betrayals and putting up with. Marilyn Monroe's Lifepath was a 7, the same as John F. Kennedy. Princess Diana also had a Lifepath, and it was this number that portended difficulty for Marilyn Monroe's life from the beginning, as it did for JRK and Diana.Monroe's chart housed a 7 void (prepared as 7v). Quite simply, she had no Gs, Ps or Ys in her birth name. Her first given name of "Norma" can be a 7. Its active timeline was from birth to age 25. Along with her 7 Lifepath, the result range is a 5, the power of change, decline, detachment, pursuit, testing, the five senses. For that reason, from beginning to age 25 this 7v/5 IR (Influence/Reality) set intensified her 7 Lifepath, creating a problem of heartbreak, misery and tragedy.Father Abandonment IssuesIn numerology the quantity 1 governs the daddy, male energy, the self, vanity, personality, freedom and activity. The number 5 controls loss, detachment, flexibility, uncertainty, change and separation. Since Monroe was born on the 1st of June, her 1st Epoch IR set was a, this as a consequence of the 1 filter through her 4 Expression to create a 5 result. Issues are illustrated by this with reduction or detachment (5) from energy (1). Princess Diana, who also had a Expression and who came to be on 1 July, had this same 1/5 IR set ruling the first part of her life also, and her divorce (detachment) from Prince Charles is historic. The famous aviator Charles Lindbergh is another situation of the 1/5 and its dilemmas of loss/detachment of male energy. His son was kidnapped and murdered in this 1/5 IR emerge Lindbergh's 2nd Challenge.Marilyn's Mother IssuesAs the number 1 represents male energy, the number 2 represents feminine energy. Marilyn's birth mother is factually proven to experienced emotional problems, and because of her infection Monroe spent her early life in foster domiciles. That uncertainty with her mother is seen in Monroe's 1st Pinnacle which is a 7v/11-2. Mental instability is reflected by the 7 void, and the 11-2 shows tension and high anxiety in the feminine, with others and relationships. This not merely would reference Monroe's mom, but Monroe himself. It would also play a factor in her relationships in general.SummaryThere isn't any question Marilyn Monroe is really a legend among legends. Her life was difficult but powerful, powerful enough to help keep her photograph alive a century after her death. While this brief article doesn't fully represent her life, it does demonstrate that Monroe's figures complement her fate. The massive amount of 33 and 66 master energy in her information, in concert with the 5 energy, produced her sex symbol photograph. The 1/5 and 7v/11-2 mix in the fundamental part of her data clearly demonstrates problems with both father and mother to some degree. Place every one of these together in a 7 Lifepath and the effect was an enormously popular celebrity by having an enormously sad but heralded life. ~finis