Property Flipping and Parties

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I was invited to a party the other night and having a vague knowledge of the party hosts, I did not feel like attending the party one bit.

The truth is I’ve been invited to parties just like this one, in the past, where I pretty much don't know a soul, but at my girl friend's insistence, of course I end up in attendance.

How come I did not want to go?

Through my own thinking I had created a sense of fear about attending the party…which was not at all based in reality.

When I thought about the party, I had envisioned myself standing there, alone in the corner,, desperately trying to find something to talk about with the people who were there - and no matter how hard I tried, I struggled to make a connection. There was no common ground, the convos were always awkward, add in some super loud music and I always managed to have a downright miserable time.

As sad as it sounds, that is how I always envisioned my party experiences.

Haven't we all, at least once in a while, had an experience like that?

I'm talking about the kind of parties you go to where you think to yourself you would rather actually be having a root canal than going through this torture….

But what if I had tried to simply picture and expect a different and better outcome?

So instead of being a loner, talking to no one in the corner…imagine if I had pictured being engaged in a great experience, surrounded by awesome and interesting people that were truly interested in what I had to say and contribute, fully engaging in conversation, while relaxing music played on in the background, feeling completely comfortable and at ease?

Now say I had pictured in my mind the above scenario, do you think, just maybe, that I would have been more open to attending the party?

The Mindset that You Need to Develop to Successfully Flip Homes

Imagine being able to change this type of perception not just with regards to parties…but when you are about to make your first house flipping deal?

Imagine that you have worked very hard for over a year trying to launch your house flipping career you find the perfect house flipping opportunity. Every sign is telling you to move forward with the deal. You have a good price, the financing is spot on, you are sure of your expenses and you are sure about what you will be able to sell the property for.

Yet despite all this, you picture all going south, with the house sitting on the market for months and years, as you watch your margins dwindle-month by month…

What are your prospects of success if you continue with this mental attitude?

Not unless you change the PERCEPTION of pain versus pleasure.

Instead, try picturing the house selling for more more than your worst case scenario, under one month, giving you and your backers a full return on their investment.

To be successful you must adopt this sort of mindset.

This is not a wild theory that things will go silky smooth only because you think it ought to...that is not true at all. You must have a good strategy of steps that lessens the chance of a really awful deal - in oder to place yourself in a spot to receive value and wonderful feelings instead of focusing on the pain .

And most importantly to achieve this type of house flipping mindset, once you have done all that you need to then create a picture of success in your mind as to all you have to GAIN by doing the deal.

This is the house flipping mindset and the first critical step to house flipping success.

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