Real Estate Investing and Meeting New People

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Last week I was asked to attend a party and having a vague knowledge of the party hosts, I really didn't feel like attending.

The fact of the matter is that I have been asked to go to functions just like this in the past where I do not know anyone, but with my girl friend pushing me, I always end up attending.

Why didn’t I want to go?

Through my own thinking I had created a sense of fear about attending the party…without any real basis in reality.

Whenever I thought about the party I pictured myself standing there to the side of the room, desperately trying to find something to talk about with the people who were there - and no matter how hard I tried, I struggled to make a connection. There was no common ground, the conversations always seemed so awkward, I always seemed to have an unenjoyable time.

That is how I always pictured my party experience to turn out.

Haven't we all, at least once in a while, had an experience like that?

I'm talking about the kind of parties you go to where you think to yourself that you would rather be at the dentist than going through this torture….

But what if I had tried to simply picture and expect a different and better outcome?

So instead of being all by myself in the corner of the room…imagine if I had been encircled by incredible, awe inspiring people that were truly interested in what I had to say and contribute, fully engaging in conversation, with wonderful music playing nicely in the background, feeling wonderful, relaxed and 100% at ease?

What if I had chosen to envision the above scenario, how much do you think I would want to go to the party now?

The #1 Factor for House Flipping Success

Imagine being able to change this sort of perception not only when faced with a decision about a gathering to attend…but how about when you make your very first deal on flipping a house?

Lets say that you have worked extremely hard, in order to begin your career in real estate you discover the most perfect house flipping property to buy. All signs are saying move forward, they're all telling you to go for it. The price is absolutely right, the financing is all lined up, and you have figured out your expenses and you are 90% sure of the price you will get when you finally sell the property.

However you imagine all of this just falling apart, with the house sitting on the market for months and years, every month your margins and profits slowly dwindle away…

What are the chances that you are you going to do this house flip?

You really don't stand a chance at all.

Now, instead, picture the house selling for 1/3 more than expected, under one month, giving you and your backers a full return on their investment.

THIS is the house flipping mindset.

This is not a wild theory that all will go perfect only because you think it ought to...that is not true at all. You must have a good strategy that diminishes the odds of a really awful deal - in oder to place yourself in a spot to receive value and pleasure in reaping profits instead of thinking of the pain.

And most importantly to acquire this type of house flipping mindset, and once you have mentally prepared be sure to then create a picture of success in your thoughts and think only of all the good things to come from the deal.

This is the house flipping mindset, the positive mental attitude, and the first step to making any success real estate investing, or house flipping career.

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