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If you want to do your eco bit in the office but not sure where to start then maybe this article might help.

To be honest going green is easier than what some people think. All it takes is bit of common sense and openness to the idea of change. Not only will you help save the planet but you'll also save money.

More importantly, is being a role model for others to do the right thing. Most people just don't want to change. I worked with a colleague some years ago and while I was on a break I saw her printing out a document that was about 100 pages. I noticed that she hadn't used the double-sided option. She knew how to do it but she just forgot, even though I had put signs everywhere.

Here are a few simple tips to use in your office:

Printing - Use the Print Preview and Go for double-sided printing wherever possible, you will save much more paper and you could also try printing numerous pages on one sheet. You can set up your printer to do this automatically as well, if you forget. I can get 4 pages printed on 1 sheet of paper. So I save 3 sheets each time. Use paper that you only have one-sided as note pads by collecting them all, cutting them in half and stapling them together.

Stationery - Recycle your cartridges, paper and containers and try to buy stationery that is made from recycled material (Neco, Todae, even Office National are great stores to buy from).

Computers - Switch off the Screen saver - it uses more energy when you have it on. Especially if your not using for a while. Upgrade the memory in your PC instead of buying a new one.

Office - Use natural light and invest in a few indoor plants and make sure the air-con doesn't go lower than 24 degrees, any higher and it will overwork and cost you more.

Travel - Set up a car pool or better yet walk or ride to work, maybe you can even work mobile on your iPad or laptop where ever you are. If you need to have face to face contact think about using Skype or something instead of travel. Webinars and YouTube are a fantastic way to visualise and connect with other people and is not just popular at the moment but becoming the social norm of society now days.

Go paperless - use online storage like Dropbox or Google Docs to store your files. Cloud Computing is becoming more and more popular, because you can access your files from anywhere and you don't need CDs.

Equipment - get your equipment serviced regularly and try to buy high energy star rated items. Also know how to use them properly to get the most out of them. Recycle your cartridges and mobiles.

Other things you can do

Buy recycled Furniture or improvise with what you have. Volunteer to groups like Clean up Australia Sponsor or Promote eco-friendly groups. Invest in Clean energy companies Do a business inventory and recycle, re-use or throw away anything you don't need. リサイクルショップ 買取 名古屋