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When an individual suffers from a mental illness and substance abuse, he is suffering from "dual diagnosis". According to Medicine Plus, these conditions happen together often. Both mental health and substance abuse are treatable.


According to The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 50 percent of individuals with serious mental disorders are impacted by substance abuse.

Initial Occurrence

In some instances, the mental problem occurs first, with the individual taking drugs to feel better. In other cases, the substance abuse happens first, resulting over time in mental and emotional issues.

Dual treatment

NAMI notes that for the individual to fully recover from both illnesses, he should receive treatment for both. Targeting only one illness does not guarantee that the other will disappear.


Effective integrated treatment involves health professionals ensuring that patients receive consistent treatment without dividing the assistance for mental health and substance abuse. Counseling is often used to address both issues, such as teaching the patient how to improve his relationship skills while teaching him how to avoid relationships connected with substance abuse.

12-Step Principles

If a patient's dual diagnosis status makes him feel that Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous is not a good fit, special peer groups using the 12-step principles can be implemented. ワキガ 多汗症