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The next item was to surface in a Miami newspaper (which will remain anonymous) that never got beyond its first issue which was to add a story on a jeweler, a Miami helicopter builder, and a regional swimsuit custom. The parentheticals are my comments after-the-fact.Let me inform you a story about a young person who got up early one morning searching for a market and finished up on the cover of a is six o'clock on a Sunday morning. The sun is still not up and I'm waiting below the Watson Island connection between Miami and Miami Beach feeling a little silly keeping a bra within my hand and a little uncomfortable watching the desolate rising from the shadows with the stray cats. I am there to shoot the cover and pin-up pages (okay, therefore it was not very politically correct-- at least we provided both genders), alone in the dark with the mice, the cats, desolate zombies buying a smoke, and an over-the-top bra in my own hand that could create a experienced Las Vegas showgirl impression with envy.The bra is made of red gas and covered with Swarovski crystals V2 Cigarettes Coupon Code. It is on loan from a jeweler for the picture shoot which, God prepared, can happen in a few minutes. I'm searching for officers patrolling the island but you will find not any since it is too damn early!I know my belief in humanity has been examined. The photographer who'd decided to do the capture, bailed at the eleventh hour. In desperation I considered Dennie and DK Cody of Cody Photo who shot our first address. They consent to support me and suggest we schedule the blast for 6am under the bridge to get the early morning light on the downtown skyline. This probably had some thing to do with Dennie's leader nature bloodline (he is a of Buffalo Bill) where no body ever gave a thought about waking up before sunrise.I know the Cody's will show, but I am not certain about others. I have never met them. I have just spoken to them over the telephone. Understanding that they're trading their time limited to promotion and copies of the publication makes me wonder if they will actually present. The longer I remain there alone at nighttime, the less I am certain they will.Dennie and DK are the first looks to appear out of I that was not asked by the darkness for a smoke or income. I hear myself paraphrasing the Cowardly Lion, "I do believe in people, I do believe in people." Now, if perhaps the rest may show so I could shake loose of my Cowardly Lion tail: the owner of Miami Choppers who agreed to provide one of his true custom bicycles down to the blast, and the models.Patrick Jones is the first model to reach. All the way from Ft. Lauderdale. He works out to be always a great guy with a lot of enthusiasim for so early each morning. I suppose he's from pioneer stock also. Before long, Miguel Suarez and his lovely wife Yami of Miami Choppers get up with the first light of your day and I believe my faith in humanity rising with the brand new day's sun.Since the pin-up pages are individual, full-pages devoted to a Dude" and "Dame," we start firing Patrick on the bike quickly to get the type of light only insomniacs, milkmen, smart fishermen, growers, buffalo hunters, and people living in Ft. Lauderdale who've to obtain up early for the commute into Miami will dsicover. One hour later I'm starting to think our Dame has either terminated without telling me, or is lost. You can only offer a man so many different ways on a helicopter before it becomes impossible to avoid appearing him for some type of homosexual publication-- not that there's anything wrong with that as Seinfeld and Castanza have reminded us over countless reruns.Home is only a quick drive away. I decide to go back and see if I could obtain our female product via a contact. While I am online, I call her mobile phone. Still nothing. I've not just a idea where she is. I get back thinking we cannot only have a man appearing in the magazine. We are currently skating on politically inappropriate thin ice as it is what with pin-ups for crisesakes, but having merely a person and maybe not a woman really might paint another kind of picture of what the newspaper is all about. So, it's with great relief when I turn onto the dirt path under the bridge that I see Dennie talking to a female. It can not be believed by me, but our product finally arrived! I park, jump out and hurry up to shake her hand nevertheless the woman stops me quick with "I am perhaps not her." I look at Dennie. He's smiling broadly. Seems this person was trying to find the fish market on Watson Island. That evening she'd gotten up early to score some fresh fish for supper. She spent my youth in Miami but hadn't been back in ten years. Because she was away, the town moved the fish industry and the commercial fishing boats for sale. In the small amount of time I was away, Dennie persuaded her to create for our magazine.She is only wearing a t-shirt--, pants, and flip-flops and number makeup. But we don't care. She's lovely, smart, and has a great self-deprecating sense of humor.And she is daring, the kind of personality that claims "yes" to new adventures; the kind of individual that has served this journal get printed (Little did I understand that this courage was not shared by the writer). She is perfect. Her name? Alecia Walker. She's on vacation, visiting her brother in Miami. Her house is in Maryland where she performs as a Surgical Technologist.Within occasions we've her ditching her tshirt and wearing the "bejeweled bra." When I start to see the light bouncing off these Swarovsky crystals, I know it was meant to be. If we had shot the photos with Alecia any earlier, we'd not have gotten that startling result. Call it serendipity-- I can not release my Cowardly Lion end long enough to say it was designed to be. That might be assuming too much. Only time can tell. (I made the mistake of letting go of the tail at the launch party for the magazine that followed this take a week later ).I also can not promise if you say "yes" to the magazine your daily life can change for the greater. I do not understand how being on the address of our publication and getting the 2nd actually Downtown Dame will make your life better, but preferably for this fresh spirited Ms. Walker, the Cody's, Patrick Jones, and the Suarezes, something good will come out of declaring "yes" to us (or at the very least to me).