West Shore Road Journey Morning 3 - Crescent City to San Francisco Bay Area

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This really is day three of a mile West Coast Road Trip from Spokane, Wa., to Southern California.The next day of our west coast highway journey found us again waking up early with great expectation for what awaited us. That family extravaganza had up to now been nothing lacking excellent, whilst the first two days certainly didn't disappoint.Before leaving Crescent City, California in our rear view mirror, we took a detour to the Crescent City Harbor, where in fact the sea lions have nearly absorbed. There have been more ocean tigers hanging out the harbor that morning than people. They'd made themselves at home, resting on near and docks ships, shouting up a storm. It made me wonder exactly what a individual could do if they walked down to the dock to simply take their ship out on the water, and found it surrounded by sea lions on the dock and in the water! Those animals are big! What would you do? Go around them, over them? Would they move voluntarily? Would you need to offer or wrestle them? It was an amusing look, without doubt, and made it even more difficult to keep Crescent City.After leaving these sea tigers behind, it did not simply take us long to become completely submerged in Redwood awe. We were looking towards seeing these giants, however they were more wonderful than we expected. As we made our way south amongst the Redwoods, we found a lot of places to take over and just take pictures, taking our time to enjoy the sights because the residents passed us like these were late for pleased hour.Driving down Highway 101 through the redwood forests supplied us with two opportunities for more tranquil, scenic routes, and we took them gladly. First we made our way through Newton W. Drury Scenic Parkway, a ten-mile trip through Redwood National and State Parks. We scarcely undergone any traffic with this drive, due to following our usual routine of getting an early start.It wasn't long after time for Highway 101 and leaving the calm of the Redwoods behind when we found a crowd of cars compiled along a sea beach. We quickly recognized the reason for this commotion was something we never expected: a herd of elk relaxing along the beach! They seemed content to mind their particular organization and ignore their human admirers.We had more Redwoods in our future, but we had a sudden craving for a beach end, so our way was found by us to the beautiful Arizona beach. There was a campground, convenient parking, and just about five others there. It was beautiful, and hard to keep. Unfortunately (and I am a bit embarrassed as I write this) I can not believe it is on my chart to inform its exact location.After Arizona seaside to you, we resumed our journey to things to do in san francisco bay area ca, going south on Highway 101 towards Eureka. I understood nothing about Eureka, California, prior to the trip; except that it was home to an estate my daughter saw in a book and wanted to see in person.The Carson Mansion was concluded in 1886 by wood magnate William Carson. The building was in good shape and the landscaping was flawless. It's among the grandest buildings of its size I've actually seen, and now acts being an exclusive gentlemen's club. I found myself itching to participate just so I could go inside.The mansion was not the sole spectacular view we found in Eureka. I was awestruck by the town's sketches, which covered walls of supermarkets and performing arts properties alike; wow! This area takes second place to no-one in the mural department. Kudos to the performers, the town, and anyone else associated with their creation.Everything explained in this report to date is simply the beginning of time three of our road trip; it absolutely was only around noon by this time. You can view why our senses were on overload! As this is expected to be our best day of the journey, we had to leave Eureka and keep on south.Next we came to the Avenue of the Giants, a world-famous 31-mile journey through old growth Redwood tree groves. It had been amazing, and we have the photo to prove it!After the Redwoods were left by us, and yes, our Jeep was driven by us through one of the drive-through woods, we were taken by Highway 101 through small towns, over mountains and past farms. Finally, we reached the exit ramp to California Highway 1. On our place, this highway appeared as if a bit of cake. However, looking right back, I should say I've never been on a, curvier, crazier route within my life! I had no idea the trail will be like this; it took us up, down, left, right, and it was sure meant by them, if the symptoms said 5 mph just about to happen forward. Wow! Getting that stretch of Highway 1 back to the coast seemed to take forever, although it really was no more than an hour or so and a half.We planned to take Highway 1 all the way down to Muir Beach, just northwest of San Francisco, and get back on Highway 101 over time to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Although things were progressing well, the stretch of Highway 1 along the coast line was just like curvy as what I formerly described; the only difference was the ocean view.4 p.m. Arrived rapidly, and although we'd made a lot of great stops that day, we were still a long way from San Francisco and it absolutely was clear we were going to cross the Golden Gate much later than predicted. Thus we pushed on, stopped in Fort Bragg for some food, and made our way past little cities, hills, additional curves and lovely landscapes. We didn't experience a lot of traffic or people, and this area of the journey was dynamic and exciting, but we were all ready to be achieved for the day.Finally, following a good but extended day, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge around 10 pm. After paying our toll and receiving through construction (they were focusing on the connection at the time), we got in the wrong street because of the construction cones! We had to obtain down on the wrong neighborhood, make a, go back over the bridge in the opposite direction, then get back on again to go back into San Francisco, paying another time to the cost. Next trial we were a lot more than prepared to head to our hotel near Fisherman's Wharf in the heart of San Francisco. An impressive, long, tedious, exciting day!