What Happened to George Ernest Hopf? My Solid Brick Wall - My Grandfather

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I have been doing genealogy research for over 12 years. It has been an excellent journey discovering relatives I never knew existed, meeting most loved relatives and studying the stories of their lives. It absolutely was great fun. They told me their stories and I told them mine. I visited the areas where they existed, walked the streets where they walked more than 100 years back. I haunted graveyards looking for their burial plots and gravestones. I spent hours in state records offices looking up territory records, wills and probate. Uncounted hours were spent by me exploring the College Softball Recruiting for records of birth, demographics, death and marriage and social security records. Often times a was spelled or ripped wrong or the file taker's handwriting was difficult to read.I spent a fortune in both time and money burning or delivering for authentic documents. I grew increasingly fascinated with the lives they light emitting diode against the backdrop of the times. The experiences morphed in to a book Lotties Lot. Lottie Jane Walker was my good grandmother. She was created in 1871 in Cresco, Iowa. She married Charles Ira Hastings when she was 18 years old. They certainly were raised eight children six girl and one boy married for 23 years and together. The concept of the book Lottie's Lot identifies her lot of kids and her lot in life. Her 2nd child, Iris Hazel, everybody else named her Hazel, was my grandmother.I began the book in the centre, first writing the account of just one of my grandmother's sisters Bethany who died at age 26 from a self-inflicted abortion. She left four kiddies behind. I never knew Beth existed, not to mention her children before my research was stated by me. My children was expert at keeping secrets. Harder but more fun was made my investigations by it. Beth and her household lived in Alberta, Canada. After I found out about them I called and talked to one of her son's Lynn who was simply only three years old when his mother died. That led to a vacation and I was privileged to go to and fulfill three of the Beth's four children some partners and children. Cousins and 2nd cousins. I visited sites where Lottie lived, where Beth lived and died. It was wonderful.Then I then found out that my scientific grandfather was George Frederick Hopf. This was quite a surprise since most of my life I believed that my last name was Vardon. My name was Nancy Vardon. I came across that Hazel married George Hopf on July 25, 1910 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've their marriage license. My dad was born April 5, 1911, his name was George Kenneth Hopf. They moved to Edmonton Alberta, Canada. George was a day Adventist and his religion and other issues caused conflicts in their relationship. Hazel went away with another man and separated from him named Anthony Leroy Vardon who was still married to another girl. They went along to Detroit in 1915. They'd to keep their condition solution since both were married to somebody else. So she arbitrarily transformed my fathers title to Kenneth Leroy Vardon.George in his despair fought in WW1 and joined the Canadian Army living together in those days was judged severely. He was a team and spent 36 months in France. After his release in January 1919, he discovered Hazel in Detroit and wanted his daughter. They argued more. She eventually registered for a divorce and it had been given in her favor September 1920. He was living in Detroit in the 1920 Census. In about 1926 he moved to Washington D.C. He's stated in the city directories from 1926 to 1930, and he is in the 1930 census. Then he vanishes. He'd have been 50 years old. He was born on January 20, 1880 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, the second son of George M Y Hopf and Caroline. I seriously want to find out what happened to him, when and where he died, where he's buried. If you read this and will help me please send a message.