When Starting a Fresh Business, Bring Lots of Cigarettes for the Zombies Beneath the Bridge

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The following piece was to arise in a Miami magazine (which will remain anonymous) that never got beyond its first issue which was to add an account on a Miami helicopter designer, a jeweler, and a nearby swimsuit developer. The parentheticals are my remarks after-the-fact.Let me inform you a story about a young girl who got up early one morning searching for a market and ended up on the address of a is six o'clock on a Sunday morning. The sun is still not up and I'm waiting below the Watson Island link between Miami and Miami Beach feeling a little silly holding a bejeweled bra within my hand and a little uneasy watching the homeless emerging from the shadows with the stray cats. I'm there to take the cover and pin-up pages (ok, therefore it wasn't quite politically correct-- at least we presented both genders), alone in the dark with the rodents, the cats, homeless zombies looking for a smoke, and an over-the-top bra in my hand that will create a jaded Nevada showgirl rose with envy.The bra is made of red fat and lined with Swarovski deposits. It is on loan from the downtown jeweler for the photograph shoot which, God prepared, can happen in a few minutes. I am searching for police patrolling the island but you can find no because it is too darn early!I understand my belief in humanity is being tried. The photographer who'd consented to do the capture, bailed at the eleventh hour. In desperation I considered Dennie and DK Cody of Cody Photo who shot our first address. They consent to support me and suggest we plan the capture for 6am under the bridge to get the early morning light on the downtown skyline. That probably had some thing regarding Dennie's master spirit bloodline (he is a of Buffalo Bill) where no-one ever gave a thought about getting up before sunrise.I know the Cody's will present, but I'm not so sure about the others. They have never been never met by me. I have just talked for them within the phone. Comprehending that they are trading their time just for copies and publicity of the publication makes if they will really present me wonder. The longer I stay there alone in the dark, the less I'm certain they will.Dennie and DK will be the first people to look out of the night that do not ask me for a v2 cigs coupon code december 2012 or cash. I hear myself paraphrasing the Cowardly Lion, "I do believe in people, I do believe in people." Now, if perhaps the rest will show so I can shake loose of my Cowardly Lion tail: the owner of Miami Choppers who agreed to carry one of his true custom bikes down to the throw, and the models.Patrick Jones is the first design to reach. Completely from Ft. Lauderdale. He ends up to become a good man with a lot of enthusiasim for therefore early in the morning. I believe he is from pioneer stock also. Before long, Miguel Suarez and his charming wife Yami of Miami Choppers push up with the very first light of your day and personally I think my faith in mankind growing with the brand new day's sun.Since the pin-up pages are single, full-pages devoted to a Dude" and "Dame," we begin shooting Patrick on the cycle immediately to catch the sort of light only insomniacs, milkmen, smart anglers, producers, buffalo hunters, and people living in Ft. Lauderdale who have to get up early for the drive into Miami might find. One hour later I am beginning to think our Dame has sometimes cancelled without telling me, or is lost. You are able to only create a guy so many different ways on a chopper before it becomes impossible to avoid posing him for some kind of homosexual publication-- not that there is such a thing wrong with that as Seinfeld and Castanza have reminded us over countless reruns.Home is only a brief drive away. I opt to go back and see if I could obtain our feminine model via an email. While I'm on the net, I call her mobile phone. Still nothing. I've not really a clue where she is. I push straight back thinking we cannot just have a man appearing in the publication. We are already skating on politically improper thin ice because it is what with pin-ups for crisesakes, but having perhaps not and just a man a girl really could paint a different kind of image of what the journal is about. So, it's with great comfort when I turn onto the dirt path underneath the bridge that I see Dennie speaking to a woman. I can't consider it, but our design finally turned up! I park, leap out and run up to shake her hand however the dude stops me quick with "I am maybe not her." I look at Dennie. He is grinning broadly. Appears this lady was searching for the fish industry on Watson Island. That night she'd gotten up early to score some fresh fish for supper. She was raised in Miami but had not been back in ten years. The town moved the commercial fishing boats for sale and the fish market, because she was away. In the small amount of time I was away, Dennie convinced her to create for our magazine.She is wearing flip-flops, pants, and a t-shirt-- and no makeup. But we don't care. She's sweet, sensible, and has a great self-deprecating sense of humor.And she's brave, the kind of temperament that claims "yes" to new adventures; the kind of person that's served this journal get printed (Little did I am aware that this bravery was not discussed by the founder). She is ideal. Her name? Alecia Walker. She is on vacation, visiting her brother in Miami. Where she performs as a Surgical Technologist.Within instances her house is in Maryland we have her ditching her tshirt and carrying the "bejeweled bra." When I see the light bouncing off those Swarovsky crystals, I know it absolutely was supposed to be. We'd not have gotten that stunning result, if we'd shot the images with Alecia any earlier. Contact it serendipity-- I can not forget about my Cowardly Lion tail long enough to express it was meant to be. That could be assuming too much. Only time can tell. (I made the mistake of letting go of the tail at the launch party for the magazine that followed this take a week if you say "yes" to the magazine your lifetime will change for the greater later ).I also can maybe not promise. I really do not know how being on the cover of our newspaper and becoming the 2nd ever Downtown Dame will make your lifetime better, but hopefully because of this young energetic Ms. Walker, the Cody's, Patrick Jones, and the Suarezes, something good will turn out of saying "yes" to us (or at the least to me).