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Inside the Mobile Wall

Part of the Cluster Temporary Permanence

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Fabian Frenzel Fab (at)


The wall is a prominent feature of making political geographies. Walls are erected as obstacles to control the borders. Different territories are based on the shared wall between them. The wall constitutes territory. Walls are practical obstacles but they are also metaphors of subjectivity. A person may be protected against the outside by a wall.

I am interested in interrogating the various functions of the wall and its paradoxes. In this project I am interested in two paradoxes in particular. While the wall is imagined to be a two dimensional line, like a border line on a political map, it may also be understood as a three dimensional space, a frontier. A space of transience extends within the wall. What happens in inside the wall?

The second paradox I am interested in is the apparent character of the wall as fixed and solid. Made from stone and concrete, a wall seems by definition to be conjured with a particular locality. However walls are in movement, borders are changing, they are shifted. What are the characteristics of a mobile wall? What are its necessities?

Proposal: “Inside the Mobile Wall”

A Mobile Wall forms the material framework of the project [tp]. Concrete coloured and generic not resembling any historical wall in particular, there is a large space between both sides of the wall that opens up to be used as a covered exhibition space. One side the wall has an entry point, a door that allows people to enter the exhibition space ‘inside the wall’. Projects from the cluster of [tp] will be displayed in here.

Inside the Mobile Wall draws from a project I initiated 2004 in Berlin . It has an opening through which visitors can ‘enter the wall’. Mobility is the decisive quality of the wall. Rather than fixed on a certain territory, the wall can be moved at ease. Its mobility is guaranteed in its light construction. The mobile wall will be standing on wheels. Alternatively it will be appearing to be floating on water.

‘Inside the Mobile Wall’ will be promoted as a commercial solution to a variety of functions by a fake company called ‘Inside The Mobile Wall ™’. I will produce promotional material advertising the mobile wall as a solution to both the state and private customers interested in its advantages. This may signify a both the ubiquity of the uses of walls as individual and more social means, as well as the privatisation of previously state controlled measures like border management.